The childhood is the most happy period of life, age dreams without borders, the only time we live in everything from the maximum intensity.


Hi I am Petra-Maria, I`m born on 08.08.08. A special time, even for the Chinese, if not for all of us ... In 2009 I proposed to walk and talk, I made many friends and keep traveling.When I learn to write I will respond to all messages, but you must be patient.

I have finished to eat! And now I can because I`m quite big.I know that you done like me.May you not recognize!


My name is -AdelinaGabriela and I am the spoiled of the house.I have 2 tooth and now leaves me the third ... It hurts me.It don`t hurts you ?
When we are children we are at the age at which we are all beautiful, we live in a charmed world, sweet, line, no worries, full of play and allowed good stories that open the gates of imagination.


My Mommy let me do what I want.I know that you were not good when you were my age.


I am Lavinia,I have 5 months and I am the joy of Mom and Daddy .I don`t let them sleeping at night .I take care of them or they take care of me?
The childhood is the most beautiful ,but is beautiful as long as you live the emotions and adventures, the age is innocent , where the loved ones are with us.


I have just finished the bath.I really love it and I don`t complain like others because i`m a big boy.


I want to say my Mommy to take me some good, but because of the crisis ......she doesn`t have money.
Children are evolving with the technology, which leads to disease of children, they become introverted (the computer tied permanently), they no longer live in the same childhood beautiful, sincere and bright, where through the game played they discovered the world.


I am Aysu`, I have 5 months and long hair. Mommy loves to dress my hair! Now I'm her baby! Mommy and Daddy love me much and they always kiss me, and I love ! I am a little more spoiled ! Isn 't I am beautiful? The eyes I got from my Mom.


I am the Daddy and mom`s boy.I want to say that I love you but I still don`t know many words.I`ll take care of them when I will be great and sturdy.
A child tends to reproduce the behavior of adult age that had in childhood.


All the day I sing.My mother and my father complain that their head hurt but I don`t know why. I think I`ll be a good soprano.... I'm happy all the time and I love to take pictures. Sometimes I wonder how I'm not tired.


I am Andrei Alexandru. I have 7 months, I`m happy, and my parents are the same that I have me and I them.
The large would give anything to return children but can become for a moment where they can play with their little or grandchildren, they can live again with them the magic fairy tale


I am Gabi and I`m quick-witted and activist.I like to play all the livelong day and I don`t like it when Mommy puts me to sleep.I`m waiting anxiously my Daddy from work.


Hi, I'm David! I am a very expensive baby of 8 months. Recently I started to go in four labute, stand up, go to swim. I love to have bath. . What to say I am very active baby. And besides all this I am a kissed baby.All the world loves me and my mother in particular is melted after me.
The man suffer when he leaves the childhood behind, it continues the course of life, with faith in their own forces and with the hope that it will achieve the proposed goals and will be a model of life for children.He remains with the memories, which can sometimesmake him sad but never would they hurt.


Hi,I`m Carla and I have 6 months.I`m very good and happy. I like to watch cartoons, talk to me in the mirror. Listen to stories and talk all day with the toys in the crib. I'm a smiling and not just cry when I have a big problem. Villagers are blue eyes and I (so Mom gave the order ...) and I have some long and black eyelashes... I resemble with Mommy and Daddy! I'll be a very beautiful lady!


I am Rares. In this picture I have 7 months. I am a very expressive child and guy.Little occasions when I cry are when I get hungry and Mom does not react quickly, I mean instantly. And I have one kind weeping more ugly but I'll save that for the doctor when i do vaccines.I have dropped pacifier see?


Hello! I'm Bianca and I have 4 months and a half. So I thought I did great! I am a dutiful daughter and a listen to Mommy a lot! Now I learn what is right and what is bad .... I like to play with the kids, and I think that they like me! Looking forward to do great!! Until then you will kiss sweet and I love you!
The memories are beautiful, as well as this and future will be built by all the beautiful memories that we cherish and we will never wipe, how we live. And we were like them, and when we see our small and cool to remember our childhood, the world without worry of nazbatiile that you `ve done and we're sorry that these years have passed very quickly.